Behind the Screen: Getting better all the time…

2008 May 28
by Dante

In case you can’t tell from the general overtone of Stupid Ranger’s last post, we had a rather crunchy session over the long weekend. Not just any crunchy session, but a particularly epic flavored crunchy session.

Our group of epic adventurers showed the terrible dracolich what death tasted like, however as the rest of the evil armies pressed in on them they called upon an unexpected (to Kanati and I) escape route. They had earned a favor from a particularly old Gold Dragon, and they called on him to provide an expeditious retreat from the invading forces.

After Kanati and I had finished soiling ourselves, we determined that an evil horde of this magnitude would maintain the services of a black dragon. This led us to a utterly fantastic aerial battle that would’ve never happened if not for working on your spontaneous recovery skills.

There are two takeaways from the above scenario:

  1. Take good notes regarding what favors your characters are owed, or what non-standard magical items they have at their disposal. This is more important if you have infrequent gaming sessions like we do. It will prevent the unexpected “oh crap” moment, and that undetermined loss of a few seconds of life as your heart tries to leap out your neck.
  2. When the unexpected happens, try to recover in the most elegant way possible. Commit to your approach and go with it, often if you keep the action up the group will be less likely to question whether or not the evil horde had a black dragon before they realized they could summon their gold one.

Hopefully we will continue getting better as we chase this campaign into the barn, expect more soon!

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  1. Vanir permalink
    May 29, 2008

    Dante, I don’t think giving “the signal” Team America World Police marionette-style counts as elegant recovery. 🙂

    However, I will give both you and Kanati credit for not making audible monkey noises.

  2. Joshua Jabin permalink
    May 29, 2008

    I think the ability to come up with solutions when players do unexpected things is quite possibly the most important skill for any GM. It’s almost impossible to guess exactly how players are going to solve a problem, and if the GM can’t react quickly, it’s going to detract from the game.

  3. Martin Ralya permalink
    May 29, 2008

    One might think a dracoLICH would already know what death tasted like… 😉

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