The Great Gaming Drought

2008 April 27
by Stupid Ranger

It’s been several weeks since we last played, and I’m suffering through the drought of no-gaming. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

So with all the time I’ve had on my hands lately, I’ve found some other diversions:

  • Wizard of Oz – I am a huge fan of the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Tin Man” mini-series, and it has rejuvenated my love of the Oz stories. So I have found (thanks to Amazon) the 15-in-one volume of Oz book. They are good books that make it so easy to escape for a while.
  • Xanth – I’m also reading through the Xanth novels. A friend of my was telling me that he had recently started reading them, and again, I was reminded of happy days reading those books. So I dug out the few that I had, and starting acquiring more. Oh, so much happiness…
  • Rock Band – Because, of course, once you’ve rocked, there’s no life without Rock Band. Life is better with the Band.

And, until the drought of gaming ends, I’ll be looking for things to keep me occupied and allow me to escape briefly from the crazy world.

Once the drought ends, of course, I’ll have new gaming-stuff to post! 😉

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  1. ChattyDM permalink
    April 28, 2008

    While we aren’t in a drought per say… our gaming has become drier. The winter blues coupled with Real Life concerns (Stress, job, kids, etc) and 4e’s sweet promise has taken it’s toll on our gaming group.

    I hope the summer will rejuvenate us and bring back the energy and enthusiasm we solely miss.

  2. DNAphil permalink
    April 28, 2008

    It’s funny how these things happen to different groups at the same time. My group is in a drought as real-life has caused the cancellation of many of our weekly sessions.

    Our group (which is really 3 overlapping gaming groups) is meeting this week to discuss what is going on, and what we need to do, to get our gaming going again.

    For now, smaller mini-groups have gotten together to work on side games and projects. We have been playing a lot of the 4e demo material that was released. Two of us worked on some rule mods for Conspiracy X that will allow us to use the rules to play a Global Frequency campaign. And then there are the card games like Lunch Money, Paranoia, Let’s Kill, and Ninja Burger.

    All in all, we are hoping that after our gathering this week, we will have a plan for how to get back our gaming groove.

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