A Rogue’s Guide to Alternagaming…

2008 April 28
by Dante

Stupid Ranger’s post on the recent gaming drought that is plaguing various corners of the Internet seems to have struck a chord.

Lack of Gaming and your local DM

From a DM perspective, the lack of frequency can almost be a blessing because it earns you some precious time to actually plan upcoming sessions or take stock of the good and bad storytelling aspects that have crept into your world.

Lately, my co-DM Kanati and I have been discussing the abject pain and suffering that has been caused by our unseemly ascent into the Epic Levels, and discussing what we would do different if we could turn back time. This is mostly just lamenting and gnashing of teeth, luckily we are within a few short sessions of Campaign’s End which (at least to me) is quite welcome.

Musings to pass the time…

In addition to the standard fare of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I’ve found myself starting to think of some other nerdly pursuits to fill in the gaps where gaming used to go. Developing software for fun (yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a True Nerd), exploring some other gaming systems/extensions (Mage and the Three Dragon Ante spring to mind), and enjoying the glorious first person high definition violence of my Xbox 360 have all been employed to while away our spare Friday and Saturday nights.

Unfortunately, for me the grind of running the campaign can become a chore. It’s usually when nearing this “beg for mercy” stage of plot development that I truly take stock to determine when the best time is to finish up, and I am certain that time is near.

I have some topics to round out the week dealing with further alterna-gaming and some ideas for ending a campaign that I hope you’ll like. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how some of you while away your non-roleplaying time and how you know when the point to stop running a campaign has drawn near.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 29, 2008

    I knew it was time to stop the campaign when it stopped being fun. I was dreading sessions and I was hating planning for them.

    Bizzarely, since I told the players and set a definite end though, it’s become far more enjoyable.

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