A Girl’s Best Friend

2008 April 30
by Stupid Ranger

With a nod to Vanir for his D&D diaper bag, I’m totally stealing his idea to bring you this: the D&D Special Occasion Purse. This isn’t just any purse, it’s one of those cute, tiny little purses you only use for special occasions. So, for all the ladies out there, and for those guys who always wondered why even bother with such a tiny little purse, here’s my take on things, D&D-style.

Since this is a tiny little purse, and there’s a lot of stuff to cram in there, it goes without saying that this is actually a bag of holding; it appears pretty small, but there’s plenty of room in there for all kinds of things:

  • Scroll, Transportation: when that date goes horribly wrong, every girl needs an escape plan.

  • Wand, Light: because you never want to be stuck in the dark, digging out your keys from the bottom of your purse.

  • Disguise kit: for touching up your disguise, I mean, make-up.

  • Goggles of Minute Seeing: because you would never wear your glasses during your date, but you might need them later.

  • Scroll, Eagle’s Spendor: to improve your appearance to impress your date, or improve your date’s appearance if he doesn’t quite match up to the profile he gave you.

  • Scroll, Silence: if he talks too much, you can easily shut him up with this.

  • Scroll, Expeditious Retreat: this one is reserved for those extra special occasions, like weddings, where you didn’t really want to be there in the first place so you can get out quickly.
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