2d6 Damage

2008 April 10
by Stupid Ranger

Dante’s recent post on the appropriate amount of damage a thrown mug could inflict reminded me of a time back in our college days of gaming.

During a break one night, some of the guys were flinging dice around the room out of some golf locks they had found at Walmart. Surprising to us all, the walls of the room were not immune to thrown weapons, and a diamond shape was imprinted on the wall from the corner of a d6, and a second d6 had left a small mark.

We all appreciate how much damage we can do in-game by rolling our dice, we should also raise awareness of how much damage dice can do to us. We’ve all all seen the warning-d4-can-damage-your-foot shirts. We need to take it a step further. Maybe we should consider a warning-thrown-d6-can-scar-your-drywall cross-stitch sampler. Or a warning-multitude-of-d20’s-on-the-floor-can-be-as-slippery-as-marbles poster.

If we don’t tell the world how much damage our polyhedrals can do, who will?

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