A Great Idea…

2008 March 6
by Dante

From The Evil DM, by way of Musings of the Chatty DM:

It seems that many fans have dubbed this weekend GaryCon, and will be gaming in Gary’s honor. I am happy to report that our crew will not only be participating, but it just so happens that our intrepid bunch of adventurers are heading right into the last known lair of a dracolich, which as many of you know was first mentioned in Gygax’s original World of Greyhawk setting. I can’t think of too many other things that satisfy the adventuring genes in all of us than that!

I think that the whole GaryCon notion is an excellent way to remember Gary’s contributions to our hobby. I will fall in with my other digital brethren… get out there and roll some dice, flop some cards, and have some fun to honor Gary!

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!

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