Throw Up The Horns

2008 February 14
by Vanir

Every now and then, I find out something that just transcends the boundaries of awesome.

I grew up in a time where the best musicians had big guitars and bigger hair. They saw a million faces, and they rocked them all. I love rock. I have been known to throw up the horns during meetings at work.

I never really gave much thought to the gesture’s origins. I’d heard it was “devil horns” once or twice, but I never really worried about it (any more than I worried about, say, Black Sabbath’s music corrupting me). Admittedly, when I was a teenager, I was accidentally throwing up American Sign Language for “I love you“, which is about as metal as oatmeal. I have since rectified this.

And now, I come to find out that the Rock Horns are actually a Protection Against Evil spell.

Frankly, the part of the article that suggests that a rock concert is “forming an enormous shield against the evil eye” is the coolest thing I have ever heard. Although I must question why some more powerful demons would fear a minotaur. Perhaps shadow-puppetry is their secret weakness?

Regardless, I seriously think if I go outside there is going to be a motorcycle equipped with bat wings waiting for me right now.

Speaking of rocking out, we here at SR have become hopelessly addicted to the Guitar Hero series (and Rock Band) as of late. Me, I’m stuck on (ironically, The Metal on Expert).

If you’d like to compare scores or test your *ahem* mettle against the might of Bat Loaf, go ahead and shoot me a message or a friend request. BUT BE WARNED!!!! I choke in multiplayer!!!!!!!

Vanir’s Xbox 360 Gamertag:

Vanir’s profile:

Dante and Stupid Ranger’s profile (the family that rocks together, stays together):

If there’s enough interest, maybe we could even start up a tour group?

Either way, rock on, and keep on casting Protection From Evil!

<Vanir has left the building>

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  1. Roleplay permalink
    February 15, 2008

    Aww, man. I just got OFF Guitar Hero, only to pick up the real guitar again. Now you’ve given me another challenge, shame on you!

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