Quick Start Characters

2008 February 29
by Stupid Ranger

As I was watching TV this evening, I decided I need a little dungeon-crawl fix, so I brought out Neverwinter Nights. And it got me to thinking about how to develop a quick-start character for those times when you need to roll-up a character fast, especially for one-time events.

Don’t Overthink It

For those one-time short campaigns, don’t overthink your character. These campaigns are usually less about backstories and long-term career goals; they’re more about generating a character quickly that will be fun to play. I prefer to stick to classes with which I am already familiar; familiarity with a class can reduce the amount of prep time, during both character creation and game time.

Now, I know some people like to play classes they haven’t had the chance to play; they try out something new on the short campaigns to see if it’s a class they might enjoy. Personally, every time I’ve tried this, I ended up frustrated at trying to learn new rules in a short amount of time. So if you’re looking for something quick that you will enjoy without a lot of effort, don’t overthink it; go with something you know.

Quick-Start Option #1

One of my favorite quick-start character options is a human fighter/cleric. Fighter L1 is a great L1 class to cherry-pick; combined with cleric levels, you will have a the fighting power and healing power to keep everyone alive early in the game. This is an easy option if you’re not sure what you’ll be facing or if the party is trying to fill the position of healer.

Quick-Start Option #2

Again, if you’re not sure what you might be facing in a short campaign (or if you expect there might be dungeon-crawling involved), try a quick-start with L1 as a rogue. Rogues have all those great skill points to give you an early boost. You can put a couple of those skill points to use to give you a passing familiarity with locks and traps; you never know when that kind of skill might come in handy! Then, depending on your preference, you can combine your level of rogue with some spellcasting levels or some fighter-y levels.

These are just a couple of options; of course, you can just pick a class and go, without the multiclassing options. Either way you choose to go, have fun!

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