Characteristics of a Good Group

2008 February 18
by Stupid Ranger

Yax over at Dungeon Mastering dot com recently posted about the most useful DM skills, and it got me thinking… what makes a good group of players? So here are some of my picks for characteristics of a good group.

1. Cooperative role play – there has to be a certain level of chemistry among members of the group that allows for a cooperative role play environment. Characters interact and contribute to each other’s story.

2. Solidarity – the group has to be able to function as a group, not a bunch of individuals. If everyone is divided on what to do next, the plot will never advance and everyone will become frustrated.

3. Sense of Humor – the players (and their characters) should have sense of humor and have fun. Without fun, D&D wouldn’t be worth playing.

What other characteristics define a good group?

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  1. Roleplay permalink
    February 19, 2008

    I think you need to expound a bit more on the chemistry thing. That’s a big area to cover.

    It also depends upon the type of game. Are you running a hack’n’slash DnD game, or a storytelling Vampire game?

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