What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

2008 January 4
by Vanir

For Christmas this year, I decided to do something special for my two esteemed cohorts. I decided to draw all the characters in every party we’d ever had since we started playing D&D together, Evensbrook-style. Well, needless to say, it got out of hand really fast, so I settled for three groups.

For the other members of our party, I just framed a picture of our current group (the ones in the middle). This image is a flattened version of the photoshop file, but what I ended up doing is cutting out all the figures (with a ton of help from my lovely wife Efreak) and pasting them in a multi-layered glass frame so it was kinda 3-D (Had I any brains, I would have taken pictures of it before giving it away!).

At any rate, here it is!

Nobody but our D&D group knows who most of these guys are, so I’ll spare you the details (unless you’re just DYING to hear about them!), but you’ll find both Bat Loaf and Ari in the middle group. And obviously, the group on the left is our old friends from the Evensbrook campaign. That dashing fellow on the left is Swun, our friend John’s character from that campaign. You’ll meet him pretty soon.

Oh, that’s right, did I mention Evensbrook is due for a comeback here shortly? I can’t say it’ll be weekly, but it WILL be updated. Dante and the Stupid Ranger have been very cool about letting me scale back how much I contribute to make time for things like work and incoming little Vanirs due in March, but I really love writing for this site and drawing comics so you definitely haven’t seen the last of me. Sorry I was gone so long. I really missed this!

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