So, Your PC Just Isn’t Making Friends…

2008 January 31
by Stupid Ranger

Daniel over at Aleph Gaming posted a great article on what to do when a player doesn’t like their character. If you no longer enjoy playing your character, something should definitely change. Before making any drastic decisions, however, I recommend a little patience. Because I’ve been there, and I’ve survived with my character intact.

Gotta Wear Shades…

There have been times when I have conceptualized the best character ever! She’s unique compared to other characters I’ve played, she has a great backstory, she’s got a career path full of possibilities. I can’t wait to send her out on an adventure.

Then, the reality of the game sets in, and I realize that my character just isn’t going to work out.

It Can Be Lonely

Ari turned out to be one of those characters. I had figured out everything about her, then I discovered that nearly everyone else in the party was going to be worshipping Horus-Re, a sun god, whereas Ari would be worshipping Corellon. Hmmmm…..

Religion was only one of the differences between Ari and everyone else. The other noticeable difference is her personality; she isn’t near as outgoing as everyone else. This has made for some rough times; even after 20 levels, there are still times when she just doesn’t fit in. It’s difficult to be the odd-man (or woman) out. But, Ari is awesome, and I just can’t sacrifice her awesomeness for the sake of inclusion.

Surviving the Differences

By not giving up on Ari, I gave her a chance to grow beyond the differences. Ari has persevered and continues to try to save the world with her friends. Everyone in the party has learned to deal with our differences in religion and personality. I stuck it out long enough for everyone to find a place in the group, including Ari. She is one of the fighters, and considering the enemies we’ve collected, that’s a very respectable position.

So, the Moral of My Story Is….

It can be tough when your character doesn’t fit into the group. I know, trust me. But with a little determination and a little patience, you can try to stick it out long enough to find your place in the group.

Of course, if your character is detracting from your enjoyment of the game, consider some of the options Daniel outlined; these are some great ways to address a sticky situation.

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  1. Nathaniel Hope, Paladin of Horus Re permalink
    February 1, 2008

    And we have been honored to fight along side her. Even if she does worship a god who slaughters puppies and wears them as jackets.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    February 1, 2008

    we don’t even mind she kills off party members

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