In Honor of Dragon Appreciation

2008 January 17
by Stupid Ranger
In R.A. Salvatore’s Streams of Silver, Drizzt shares his hope that the world never runs out of dragons. Dragons represent the ultimate challenge, and without a challenge, life becomes meaningless. Before you go running out to defeat your dragons, you should consider the many kinds of dragons.

The Terrorizing-the-Villagers Dragon

Characterized by the terror he provokes, this dragon enjoys the chaos he can spread among the villagers who unfortunately live in the village at the bottom of the mountain in which he resides. In his defence, however, this dragon just can’t get enough of those villagers! They make such wonderful snacks, though all the running around in terror does tend to make them a little more lean than he’d prefer.

Eventually, the villagers will get tired of the constant dragon scares and will hire a Knight-in-Shining-Armor to brave the dragon in his lair and rescue them from his reign of terror. If said Knight manages to kill the dragon, he reaps the benefit of the dragon’s hoard; if not… well, all his shiny equipment will be added to the pile.

The Secret-Lair-of-Tremendous-Wealth Dragon

In a very remote, nearly unreachable, mostly uninhabitable area, the lair of this dragon is very difficult to find because he doesn’t want to be disturbed while he enjoys the hoard he’s accumulated over the years. Like a miser enjoying even the smallest coin, this dragon enjoys every little piece of treasure, knows everything down to that last magic ring, and is trying desperately to ensure that no pesky thieves come to steal any of it.

Because of the reclusive nature of this dragon, it takes a very crafty, very sneaky kind of person to find the location of the hidden lair and determine how best to get in, get stuff and get out. Otherwise, this dragon will enjoy a very tasty snack.

The Protector-of-the-Path Dragon

Instead of being a lazy, lay-around-and-count-his-gold dragon, this one went out and got himself a job. He guards something, or someone. He might be pulling the security job because a) he was coerced by someone, b) he decided to do it out of the goodness of his heart, or c) he had nothing better to do and wanted th meet/eat adventurers.

Whatever this dragon guards, it’s always important. And he may or may not let others near whatever it is he guards. Only the very courageous, very smart may either fight their way through or convince the dragon to let them pass.

Final Thoughts on Dragons

As we wrap up our celebration of dragons, keep in mind these final thoughts. Not all dragons are evil. Some dragons aren’t even real; they may be imaginary, created from the challenges we face in our everyday lives. And some dragons are merely stepping-stones, obstacles which we must overcome in order to enjoy our own happily ever after.

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  1. Yax permalink
    January 19, 2008

    Dragons should be even more fun in 4e since they won’t have strict alignment restrictions.

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