Being Good, with your host, PC

2008 January 14
by Stupid Ranger

The guys around here have created a lot of good buzz about being a “good” character. And who am I to stop a “good” thing?

Well, It’s Not As Easy as Insanity

One of the important things to realize about playing a good character is that it’s not always as simple as it seems it should be. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of being a good person: you are a good person, so playing a good character shouldn’t be that hard; you just make in-game decisions like you would make life decisions. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy because life doesn’t always translate into game. Don’t believe me? Consider this: most of us don’t wield a sword or cast fireball everyday. Face it, you don’t always have the necessary background as a player to fully relate to your character.

So, Is It Hopeless?

Of course not! Just avoid some of the pitfalls of being “too good” as Vanir and Dante have already shared… basically, don’t go insane with goodness! Also, remember that your alignment is a guide to help you determine your actions; you might not be “good” every time, but your goods should outnumber your not-goods.

Always Remember This:

You know more about the situation than your character most times; when making morality decisions, you must avoid metagaming if you’re going to be true to your character. You might know that the shadowy figure in the background is the long-lost heir to the throne, but your character doesn’t; how, then does your character react to his proposal when he asks you to murder the king?

Making these moral decisions without metagaming can be somewhat easier if you have a backstory for your character: some history to which you can refer in times of crisis. Take a step back from the plot for a moment to re-orient yourself if your moral compass has been compromised.

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