SR’s Laws of D&D

2007 December 27
by Stupid Ranger

Sorry for the absence friends… there are just some times – and the holidays is one of them – when my brain shuts down. But I’m back, and ready to entertain you into the new year!

Yax recently posted a list of those things which are inevitable. They are so true. And here’s my list of additional laws:

  1. The DM will unveil a significant plot hook at the end of the night when everyone has had too much sugar to have sufficient attention span to retain said important plot elements.
  2. The DM will roll dice for no reason.
  3. The wizard will either die early in the epic battle, or he will outlive everyone else and take down the Big Bad with a 1st Level spell.
  4. When characters have money to spend, they won’t be in a town with a sufficient marketplace to find what they want to buy. When they are in a town with a good marketplace, they won’t have money to spend.
  5. When you really need to roll well, your dice will betray you.
  6. When players choose to cooperate with the DM, players will follow what they assume is the expected path; it will never be the path the DM wanted them to take.
  7. The one time the party doesn’t have a rogue is the one time they need one.
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