A Little Bit Fluffy, A Little Bit Crunch-and-Roll

2007 December 3
by Stupid Ranger

I have realized, over the past month or so, that I’m a little bit fluffy and a little bit crunchy. I think it all depends on my mood on any given day.


I enjoy the fluff of the game… without the fluff, I get bored. And when I get bored, I go a little crazy. I crave a storyline that really draws me and my character into the action. I love to create back stories and expand on them throughout the campaign. Any story that inspires me to create my character as a literary figure in my own mind is a good story in my book, pun definitely intended. I need to feel as if my character has a positive impact on the world around her, that who she is and what she’s doing is important.

Mmmm… Crunchy…

I love the rules! Game mechanics are always fun for me, especially when they get me out of trouble. I plan out my character development several levels in advance, so I always know what feats and spells I’m taking. I love a good crunchy dungeon every once in awhile, to prove that my character development has been successful in providing the skills necessary to defeat the evils. And, of course, rolling dice is always fun!

So, I’m not too fluffy or too crunchy. I like to think I’m the prefect blend of fluffy-to-crunch. And I’ve noticed I tend to have the most fun when a session provides me with both crunchy and fluffy fodder.

On a related note, Yax posted the Top 10 Signs Your DM is Fluffy and Crunchy. Besides identifying your DM’s modis operandi, it’s also great for helping you identify your level of Fluff-to-Crunch as a player… just pick the list that includes the elements you prefer in your game session.

P.S. Thanks to Yax for the #7 spot on his Top 50 RPG sites! It’s definitely an honor to be included among those many great sites! 🙂

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  1. Benjamin permalink
    December 5, 2007

    I totally dig your shirts, but I’m poor.

  2. Yax permalink
    December 5, 2007

    You’re welcome!

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