Staying Tuned-In

2007 November 29
by Stupid Ranger

During holiday season, we have some difficulty finding game time when everyone can get together to game. These delays can making staying tuned-in to the storyline very difficult. In the past, we haven’t done much to keep in touch with the story outside of game nights, but there are a few things I think might help us this time around. Of course, implementation may not happen right away, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream!

1. Plot In Review – We have a bulletin board already established for the game. As one of the note-takers in the group, I could post recaps of the plot thus far on the board: one to help me remember, and two to share with everyone else.

2. Character Development – Instead of ignoring my alter-ego until the next game night, I could be working on character development between sessions. I have created a fairly good backstory for my character, but I could take some time to flesh it out, giving her more personality and keeping me in-tune with her.

3. Career Planning – I could take some time to consider my character’s career. I can review supplements to explore prestige class options or other feat ladders I haven’t had time to pursue. This will give me some direction as my character gains experience, as well as some opportunities for in-game roleplaying as I “develop” these new abilities.

Do you have any tricks to share for staying tuned-in to the game during hiatus?

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  1. Micah permalink
    December 1, 2007

    I try to get my players to stay current by reading our campaign blog, but it’s hit-or-miss.

    For the most part, our entire group just falls apart until January, when we reschedule our regular game night based on everyone’s new class schedule.

    Another option is just random 1-shot adventures. It doesn’t do much for the overall story, but keeps people together and keeps the fire burning until thing settle down.

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