Sorry, Leopold, Plots are for Players!

2007 November 16
by Stupid Ranger

Well, I had intended to write a serious post in the New Player Orientation series, but instead, all I could think about was Leopold the Dancing Plot Point. So, here’s a little story I think we can all enjoy.

While gathered at the local tavern, four adventurers began sharing their aspirations to save the world and make a name for themselves. They were all from small towns in the area, each drawn to this tavern in this town because that’s where all adventurers got their start. All of the sudden, they here a commotion out in the street. They rush out of the tavern to see… a messenger.
Leopold: Hail, Adventurers! I bring news. Great catastrophe has struck the town of Shady Hollow.

Kaley: That’s my home town! I have to find out what’s going on…… wait…. aren’t you Leopold, the Dancing Plot Point?

Leopold: Uh, no. I’m Leonard, the Dancing Messenger Point.

Drek: No, no… You’re Leopold! Look, gang, it’s the Dancing Plot Point.

Kaley: I don’t know, Drek. He says his name is Leonard.

Leopold: Yes. Leonard. That’s me. Not the Dancing Plot Point.

Kaley: See, not the Dancing Plot Point. C’mon gang, let’s go save Shady Hollow.

Off the group tromps to Shady Hollow, where they began their journey to save the world.

The moral of my story: DMs, try as you might, you can’t always disguise the dancing plots points, but that doesn’t mean we won’t figure out a way to follow them.

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