Someone Heal Me!!

2007 November 27
by Stupid Ranger

There are days, like today, when I would trade in my doctor for a good cleric and his repertoire of divine spells. And as my loving husband, Dante, pointed out, characters never get sick; they have clerics that can cast Remove Disease or any Cure spells to make them feel better. So, here’s my cleric-inspired post, mostly because I’m sick and forgot to post something earlier.

Never Leave Home Without One

Clerics are among the most important characters in any party; it’s not impossible to adventure without one, but you’ll usually wish you hadn’t left home without one. Clerics have that wonderful ability to make you feel better when the orcs have tried (nearly successfully) to remove your sword arm. Plus, they have all other kinds of handy make-you-feel-better spells; it’s not just about the wounds. Neutralize Poison, Remove Disease, the Restoration spells… all kinds of things to make you feel better.

Not Just For Healing

Besides ensuring the good health of the party, clerics can also contribute on the combat front. They can hold their own in combat; clerics have simple weapon proficiency, as well as armor and shield proficiencies. Plus, they are great against undead, not just with their ability to turn, but also with their arsenal of undead-damaging spells, which also work great against not-undead too!

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