Orientation: Overview of Classes

2007 November 5
by Stupid Ranger

So far in our Orientation series, we’ve discussed abilities and races. Over the next couple of orientation sessions, we’ll be exploring the classes you can select for your character. Your class is your occupation, and as a preview of the coming sessions, here’s a quick overview of classes:

Barbarians – fierce fighters from the wilderness

Bards – entertainers who use music to cast spells

Clerics – priests who use their divine connections to cast spells

Druids – protectors of nature who use their connection to nature to cast spells

Fighters – combatants who dedicate their lives to being proficient fighters

Monks – fighters from monasteries who have perfected the art of combat without armor and only basic weapons

Paladins – fighters crusading for the glory of their deity

Rangers – hunters who fight to protect their home from their sworn enemies

Rogues – jacks of all trades who can open locks, disable traps, and pick pockets

Sorcerers – spellcasters with innate magical abilities

Wizards – spellcasters who study the arcane arts

We’ll delve into greater details on these soon, so check back soon for the next orientation.

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