Hotdog Forks!!

2007 November 1
by Stupid Ranger

On the way home from work, I noticed, out of the corned of my eye, a marquee sign for the camper sales place. It blinked twice: Hotdog Forks!! And I knew that my muse had appeared in those blinking red lights. On the way home from a crazy day at work, the absurdity of the words “Hotdog Forks!!” made me smile, but most importantly, it reminded me how some of the littlest things make such a huge difference, even in the D&D realm.

Spice Things Up

How easy it can be to make your character just that much more interesting by adding a little spice. Add a quirk to your character with a small trinket that always gets lost and without which you won’t leave the campsite in the morning. Or maybe you have a lucky feather you have to have tucked securely in your armor or robes before you go into battle.

Add Some Comic Release

In the first half of our current campaign, Ari won a small necklace from the mysterious carnival. Most of the gains from the carnival would disappear in the light of the new morning, but the necklace, for whatever reason, stayed. Ari shrugged it off as bizarre, but it was pretty, and she decided that she would keep it. It was a few days later before she discovered the trick in the trinket. She said the word “necklace” and was transported to another random location, not too far from where she was standing. It was such a fun little item… but the best part was keeping the DM’s guessing if she was going to say the magic word.

So, if you find yourself in the situation where you feel as if your muse has abandoned you, try to add some fun to your character with your own “Hotdog Forks!!”

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