My Inner D&D Character

2007 October 1
by Stupid Ranger

Thanks to Yax, I no longer have to ponder what my inner D&D character is. Yax’s survey revealed the following:

After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Neutral Good Half-Elf Fighter!

Though I must say I’m not completely surprised. Most of my close friends already think I’m an elf… so that part is “half” right. And after a rather startling revelation a few weeks ago, it’s no surprise I’m not a spellcaster. And neutral good… well, that’s subjective I suppose, but I like to think I’m a generally nice person, though I do have a few chaotic tendencies.

The only change I would really make in this is that I’m more of a ranger than a fighter. I like the slashy-slashy but I also like tracking and slaying my sworn enemies. But then, I’m sure that’s not really a surprise! 🙂

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  1. Yax permalink
    October 2, 2007

    I tweaked the survey last night. The wizard profiling was off. So all of you who have taken the survey and were disapointed not to be a wizard can try it again.

    But most wizards were profiled as sorcerers so it’s not a big difference to me.

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