Behind the Screen: Preparing for the sequel…

2007 September 21
by Dante

This week, my good buddy Kanati and I are preparing to return to our original co-DMing experiment. We intentionally took a hiatus in order to collect our thoughts and prepare an exciting second act, which we decided to place four years after the conclusion of the first act.

In order to allow our characters to refresh and rebuild their “away from the group” motivations, we’ve asked our players to put together a story that outlines what their characters have done since the first act concluded.

Essentially, this is a functional reset of the campaign, albeit at a much higher character level and with a much more rich backstory. These characters have a shared history from the first act, yet depending upon what their individual histories were we could end up with a very different group dynamic as we begin anew. Allowing your players to organically grow their characters throughout your storyline will hopefully provide a much more immersing game for everyone.

I will certainly continue to explore this topic as this new campaign kicks off, hopefully this will work out positively for everyone.

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