A DM I’m Not

2007 September 20
by Stupid Ranger

When I first started playing D&D back in college, I had the good fortune to have a wonderful DM; he made it all look so very easy. After the first couple of campaigns, I was convinced that I, too, could be a DM. I planned out my first storyline, created my NPCs, and ran my first session.

I won’t say it was an entire disaster, but it was definitely a lot more difficult that I was lead to believe. I got bogged down in tables and charts, and I just got so overwhelmed. For me, being the DM was not as much fun as being the player.

After talking to my group and explaining my situation, they allowed me to dissolve the campaign. And since, I have never tried to DM. I learned a very valuable lesson that day: those who can, DM; those who can’t, play.

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