Nascrag: First impressions…

2007 August 19
by Dante

As previously mentioned, this year the StupidRanger crew took our initial plunge into the irreverent world of Nascrag. What I will recount to you is my impressions, the others will be along this week to share our vast and varied GenCon experiences.

I really enjoyed Nascrag… the level of crazy that was circulating outside the hall that we were going to play in was so thick you could reach out and touch it. This was not Vanir’s first rodeo, so he was there to help guide us through it. If we didn’t have a repeat offender there, I can see how the pre-game setup could be a little overwhelming.

It came time to call our team name and give our slogan. We all hammed it up appropriately, and I sent my GM fleeing by advancing on him briefly with my backside. Sometimes I have no shame. 🙂

I’m not going to divulge too much of the storyline since I’ve heard that the folks at Nascrag make their module available, but for me the only real downside was the amount of background information you were expected to absorb in a very short time frame. Those that have played previous years have a clear edge in that regard, but the actual game session itself was pretty fun.

The GM that we had was pretty good too… his was something like his 16th Nascrag event and it showed. He took his time describing important things well, listened to our group as we roleplayed and asked questions, and did a very good job making the NPCs fun to interact with. He did a good job of giving his characters a specific voice and attitude and took time to let the group explore areas and try varying ideas. Unfortunately, Vanir and I were doing some good roleplaying but I think it might have been overlooked because the GM tended to spontaneously sidebar with adjacent PCs which grew a bit frustrating as the session went on. Unfortunately, I heard from some other groups that we missed some important areas so we didn’t make it to Round 2 (entirely, but the rest of the story is for Vanir to provide).

Great moments for me: trying to maintain a French accent for a considerable time, trying to get a leprechauns drunk, and an unfortunate punk metal battle duet with Vanir. I’ll let him elaborate a little more on that, since he tends to do the colorful description much better than I.

In all, it was a fun experience for the first time gaming outside of my own group at a convention. Next year is the start of a new three year story arc, so maybe we’ll get a chance to get in at the beginning and do a little better!

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