2007 August 11
by Stupid Ranger

I believe that everything new deserves a proper introduction. You can’t just create Cyril the Barbarian and hope everyone figures out that your great sword and slightly-British accent means that you actually attained a high level of education, but you were thrust into severe poverty at the loss of your family’s homestead and had to make your living smashing things because no one would hire you as a scribe. These are the kinds of things you need to explain through proper introductions. And while this site isn’t exactly a character, it still needs a bit of introducing. So, here goes…

Once upon a time, four friends set out to find a way to make the world a better place. They decided to use their unique talents to create a virtual home where they could share their experiences with other adventurers looking for guidance. And thus it was that “” was born.

Fairy tale endings aside, there really was a night when we were all sitting around a table at the local Jimmy John’s, lamenting over lame jobs and seeking an outlet for our love of all things D&D. We knew that if we could pool our talents, we could create a website dedicated to the adventure. And here we are. So, please allow me to introduce ourselves.

I am affectionately known as Stupid Ranger, and I am the rules lawyer. I revel not only in the playing of the game, but also in the knowledge of the fine details that make things more interesting.

Vanir is a genius of comic absurdity and spontaneity. From his strange but entertaining mind have come of some the most colorful characters with which I’ve had the pleasure to adventure. I know you’ll look forward to the tales he will tell of Lumbar… but I’ll leave the rest of that introduction to him.

Dante is the magician behind the scenes, making this place an electronic reality. In his spare time, he crafts incredible adventures as one of our DM’s. And I have the distinctive privilege of being married to him. Sorry, girls, he’s taken!

eFreak rounds out our fab four. While she doesn’t always have time to indulge in rolling dice, she is always supportive of our addiction and cheerfully hostesses our sessions. But more importantly, she brings to us the gift of inspiration. She encouraged us all to think bigger, inspiration that lead to this very site.

On behalf of us all, I welcome you to these hallowed pages. You have traveled here in search of kindred spirits. Many of you who tread here know of the intense excitement of success and the crippling agony of defeat because you’ve experienced both fates, each dictated by a single die roll. Some of you may not have had the pleasure (or pain) yet; you are the souls who have come in search of the knowledge gained by adventurers before you.

I have a great many things planned to share with you, and I hope you will continue to come back and visit. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me through

Know that you are always welcome here; those to whom adventure calls should never adventure alone.

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